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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Physical Education


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The PE department is a well-staffed and resourced department that uses a range of coaches and support staff to offer our students the best PE and Sport opportunities possible. The facilities at our disposal are amongst the best in the borough and comprise of a large playing field, a full sized astro turf, a small astro turf, Netball and Tennis courts and refurbished sports hall and fitness studio. The department’s capacity to deliver examination theory lessons is enhanced through the use of 2 classroom bases within the PE building.

Study Support

The department offers a wide range of study support opportunities after school in a variety of sporting areas and activities. These opportunities provide for pupils across the ability range and are aimed at developing sporting capabilities as well as providing pupils with an opportunity to develop health, fitness and social skills that sport naturally provides. These practical opportunities are in addition to the academic support offered for examination PE students both at lunchtime and after school. As well as provide these opportunities, the academy has an array of representative teams performing at both a local and regional level.

For more information of PE After School Clubs, please see our Study Support page.


Notable sporting successes 2018/2019

  • U18 Sandwell Futsal Champions
  • KS3 Girls Football Sandwell runners up
  • Year 7 Girls Netball 3rd in Sandwell
  • U14, U16, U19 Sandwell Netball Champions
  • KS3 Gymnastics Sandwell runners up
  • U14 and U16 Girls Basketball Sandwell runners up
  • KS3 Girls Sandwell Handball Champions, runners up in the Black Country
  • KS4 Girls Sandwell Handball runners up
  • KS4 Boys Sandwell Handball runners up
  • KS3 and KS4 Boys and Girls Badminton Sandwell Champions
  • KS4 Girls Badminton Black Country Games runners up
  • Year 8 and 10 Girls Rounders Champions
  • KS3 Boys Cricket Sandwell Semi Finalists
  • Year 9 Athletics team Sandwell runners up


Mrs. A Hill (Head of Department), email:


Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Year 7

hockeyIn years 7 all pupils receive 2 periods of PE a week. Within these lessons they are given access to a wide range of activities including Football, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Fitness, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis and Athletics.


Year 8

In year 8 all pupils receive 2 periods of compulsory PE a week where the curriculum they follow embeds and develops the activity areas covered in year 7. Pupils will experience a greater depth to learning compared to year 7 as they will learn more about tactics and strategies used to outwit an opponent.Trip to Italy


Year 9

In year 9 all pupils receive 2 periods of compulsory PE a week where the curriculum is designed into 3 strands designed to suit pupils of all abilities and interests. There is a performance pathway where pupils will be selected to improve their skills, tactics and gameplay in a number a sports; a health and fitness pathway which looks to promote the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle, and a leadership pathway where pupils will complete the Sport Leaders Level 1 Award which is a credited qualification.

Pupils also have the option to opt into PE ‘specialism’ which is an additional 2 lessons a week which aims to develop pupils into accomplished performers in different sports that they can use for assessments at KS4 examination courses.


Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)

spupils doing sport activitiesIn years 10-11 all pupils receive 2 periods of PE each week. Within this curriculum they follow a similar programme that focuses on a smaller range of activities as pupils begin to specialise in certain areas. Key Stage 4 (Examination) Pupils in year 9 have the option to select PE / Sport Studies as an examination option and follow either a BTEC or GCSE course which takes them through until the end of year 11. This forms part of the academy option process and these pupils receive a further 3 periods of PE each week in addition to their "core" allocation.



Exam results 2017 2018 2019
GCSE PE 24% A*-A
88% A*-C
100% Pass
16.7% 9-7
66.6% 9-4
100% 9-1
32% 9-7
92% 9-4
100% 9-1
BTEC Level 2 Sports Studies 38% Distinction* - Distinction
91% Distinction* - Pass
26% Distinction* - Distinction
93% Distinction* - Pass
23% Distinction* - Distinction
92% Distinction* - L2 Pass
100 Distinction* - L1 Pass
Table of Physical Education exam results 2016 - 2018


Key Stage 5 / Post 16

a sport studentsAt KS5, the Physical Education Department offers several courses.

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