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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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The Dance department offers a great range of after school clubs for all students to attend every night of the week. We run both established youth dance companies called Chicane and Charge for students that show a real aptitude and commitment for the subject.

As a department we organise events inside and outside the academy to go and watch professional works, to work with professional artists and take part in established youth dance platforms. This gives the students a great insight into how professionals within the industry work.

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Study Support

The Dance department offers a great range of after school clubs for all students to attend every night of the week. We run a Junior and Senior Dance company called "Chicane" for students that show a real aptitude for the subject.

We organise many holiday programmes for our students to come along to, many of them being with professional dance artists. This gives the students a great insight into how professionals within the industry work.

Special Projects

students dancingOur students have been part of some amazing projects, such as:

  • Winning the U.Dance regional platform at the Birmingham Dance XChange- February 2018.
  • Representing the West Midlands in the prestigious U.Dance national dance festival in Ipswich - July 2018
  • Performing as part of a curtain raiser for Flexus Dance Collective at Forest Arts Centre - July 2018
  • Chicane Dance Company performing at The Arena Theatre as part of the Propel Platform - March 2018
  • Performing at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre with the Zoo Nation Dance Company – February 2016
  • Taking part in a workshop with Frantic Assembly Physical Theatre – September 2015
  • Chosen to perform in the Giant Dance project in 2014 and 2015 as part of the Sandwell Arts Festival.
  • A boys dance project with Flexus Dance Company – February 2015
  • Performing at West Bromwich Library for their World Book Night celebrations – April 2013
  • Chosen to represent Sandwell at the Black Country Dance Hub Launch at Wolverhampton Art Gallery - May 2013
  • Performing at the National Indoor Gymnastics Championships at the NIA in Birmingham
  • Being part of the torch relay performances at the MAC (Midland Art Centre) and Victoria Square in preparation of London 2012 Olympic Games
  • Producing a Boys Dance Film, called FORT for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad

What the students say about the department

Students dancing"In Dance it allows me to express how I feel through using different kinds of music." Richie, year 10 student

"The dance teachers really inspire us to do well and try our best." Sasika, year 10 student

"Dance allows us to showcase all the work we have done to a variety of audiences, both in school and in the community." Sukhbir, year 12 student

"The best thing about Dance is understanding different cultures through performances and trips." Sophie, year 8 student


Excellence in Performing Art (EPA) Scholarship

George Salter Academy can provide 20 places per year for students who have an aptitude for Music, Dance or Drama.

For more information about the EPA programme, please see our Admissions page



Miss A Ashmore


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

The Dance department provide an exciting and practical curriculum that develops creativity, performance and appreciation skills.

Year 7

Autumn Term 1

  • Jabberwocky - Students explore a poem based around the story of Alice in Wonderland to create a whole group performance. Students are given the opportunity to experiment with contact work, using the Jabberwocky poem as their starting point

Autumn Term 2

  • Nutcracker- Students explore Matthew Bourne’s’ contemporary version of ‘Nutcracker’ byt exploring different sweets as starting points for choreography.

Spring Term 1

  • Dance around the world - A look into dance history and African Dance starts off this unit. Students will explore and learn about the African dance style.

Spring Term 2

  • Dance around the world - Continuing with the history of dance students experiment with popping, locking and breaking as we dive into Street dance and hip hop.

Summer Term 1

  • Swansong - Students look into the theme of interrogation and bullying through a dance piece choreographed by professional choreographer Christopher Bruce.

Summer Term 2

  • Creative Box 1- Students have the opportunity to use their own starting point for a group choreography. Students learn how to create and develop a performance based on their own idea in small groups.

Year 8

Autumn Term 1

  • History of Contemporary Dance- Students gain an insight into how contemporary dance has developed over time. Students are given the opportunity to delve into 6 exciting choreographers and their professional works

Autumn Term 2

  • Emancipation of Expressionism- Students dive even further into the street dance style by exploring the professional work by Kenrick H20 Sandy. Students have the opportunity to learn professional repertoire and create group pieces based on the original starting point.

Spring Term 1

  • Creative Box 2: Students build from knowledge gained in creative box 1 and use this to choreograph their own choreography. Professional works are used throughout to inspire and stimulate students creatively.

Spring Term 2

  • Matilda: Students explore the style of Musical Theatre in the production ‘Matilda’. The aim of this unit is develop and enhance students’ performance skills in a Musical Theatre style performance.

Summer Term 1

  • Guernica - Students delve into history and look at the painting of Guernica by Picasso (1937) Researching the horrific bombing in Spain and how it affected the lives and futures of Spanish civilians.

Summer Term 2

  • A Linha Curva - Students investigate and analyse the GCSE professional work A Linha Curva which combines Samba, Contemporary and Capoeira styles. This fun and exciting unit ends the year 8 learning in the dance curriculum at key stage 3.

Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9

There are two pathways of study available and the course students undertake in year 9 prepares them for the demands of either the GCSE or BTEC pathway. Students participate in technique classes, conditioning and workshops to develop their choreographic and performance skills they will need in years 10 and 11. Students will have the opportunity to work alongside professional dance artists, perform in annual dance shows and be a part of many exciting projects in the wider community.


GCSE Dance

Students study the craft of performance and explore choreography through solo and group work. There are also written elements to the course that involve studying a variety of professional dance pieces, their development as a dancer and looking at different techniques of production.

  • 60% of the course is practical
  • 40% of the course is theory with a written exam in year 11.

BTEC Dance

Students have the opportunity to study BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award, where 3 units of work are completed. Students develop skills in different dance styles, explore and learn professional dance pieces in contrasting styles.

Exam results 2016 2017 2018
GCSE Dance 100% A*-C n/a n/a
BTEC Level 2 100% Distinction* - Pass 100% A-C 45.5%- D*
100% D*-P
Table of dance exams Key Stage 4 results 2016 - 2018


Post 16

dance studentsAt KS5, the Dance Department offers several courses.

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