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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Art & Design


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The Visual Art Department is a highly skilled group of professional teachers and artists with subject specialisms spanning fine art, photography, 3d Sculpture and textiles. The department is focused on providing a creative environment where independence and creative enquiry is encouraged by a team of highly motivated staff.

The Department uses a range of social media to keep you up to date with news and events within the art department at George Salter, sharing useful information about artists, tutorials and resources as well as regularly sharing some specially selected work created by students from across all the visual art subjects and key stages.

Study Support

The department offers a wide range of opportunities in order for all students to engage actively in exciting art and design experiences and fulfil their potential within the subject at all key stages. This includes after school clubs, study support both after school and on Saturdays, trips, visits and residentials as well as regular specialist workshops with outside artists and agencies.

What the students say about the department

"In my experience at George Salter Academy, I have been given the opportunity to do many amazing things, which have helped me develop my art and my strenghts. The teachers at George Salter Academy have always gone out of their way to help their students. For example, arranging a day in which I could photograph a real, classic motorbike for my project. The creative nature and vibe within the Art department aids students such as myself, to become more confident in themselves, which allows them to show off their strenghts and character." Jordan J. Year 13

"The Art department at George Salter Academy has honestly given me so many opportunities to enhance my skills in the subjects I am passionate about. The staff provide all the support possible, staying in after-hours and ensuring all projects are perfect, and to the student's standard as well, not by the same sheet with grades on it. I am glad to say I studied with them through my GCSEs and now onto my A Levels." Cameron S. Year 12

"The Art Department at George Salter Academy has given me the confidence in my work and helped me explore different media which has helped me identify my weaknesses and strenghts." Charle B. Year 11


Mrs L Shaw ( Head of Department), email:



Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

textilesWe follow a curriculum devised carefully by our creative team which focuses on the key skills covering a range of topics/themes. All projects are underpinned by GCSE Criteria and techniques.

Year 7 and 8

Pupils are taught the following key visual elements: line, tone, shape, texture pattern and colour and experiment with drawing, painting, 3d clay, printmaking, photography and textiles.

Special Projects

  • students making glassGlass Installation: The academy houses a purpose built Glass installation which was created in 2009 by our own students, working in collaboration with local glass artist – Ken Howell. The piece was created to embody the school ethos of unity and care which is summarised by a quote from a student during an Ofsted inspection, "One World in One School".
  • Collaborative Mural: Key Stage 3 Flexi Learning Day
  • Memorial Garden: Key stage three students worked with world renowned sculptural artist, Donald Brown, to create a bespoke piece to commemorate and honour the pupils, both past and present of our school. The piece now takes pride of place within the centre of the school for all to see and share.
  • The Eden Project: The Eden Project, Cornwall, has become an annual residential paintingsin which pupils take part and have the opportunity to exhibit their work as a collective to thousands of visitors at this busy tourist attraction. A whole year of work, experiments and trials all culminate with this exhibition, (and a day at the seaside), enabling the pupils to curate their own display as a group.


  • Online Galley (Facebook/Pinterest)
  • Eden Project
  • Library Touring Exhibition


  • Botanical Garden
  • Clothers Show
  • Local Gallery Visits (Midlands)
  • Walsall Art Gallery: Year 7
  • London Gallery Trial
  • Glass blowing
  • Cornwall


Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)

Year 9

taking photosIn year 9, pupils decide on an area of the visual arts in which to specialise. The can choose to specialise in Fine Art, Photography or Textiles. They focus in on pupils developing and refining key skills needed to be able to achieve and succeed at their chosen courses in years 10 and 11 and the further exploration of relevant materials and processes.

Years 10-11

Courses offered:

  • GCSE Fine Art [OCR]
  • GCSE Photography [OCR]
  • GCSE Textiles [OCR]


Exam results 2016 2017 2018
GCSE Art (Fine Art) 18% A*-A
65% A*-C
100% A*-G
15.8% A*-A
73% A*-C
7.1% 9-8
39.6% 9-6
100% 9-3
GCSE Photography 24% A*-A
81% A"-C
100% A*-G
21% A*-A
93% A"-C
31% 9-8
57% 9-6
100% 9-U
GCSE Textiles 18% A*-A
63% A*-C
100% A*-G
31% A*-A
77% A*-C
16.9% 9-8
41.7% 9-6
100% 9-4
GCSE 3D Design n/a n/a 22.2% 9-8
55.6% 9-6
100% 9-4
Table of art and design exams results 2016 - 2018


Post 16

student using cameraThe AS course Art & Design and Photography is about experimentation and developing your skills and own practice.

AS Practical Workshops, the use of a live brief, supported by a residential experience will be the foundation of the course. This will allow pupils to build and create a suitable body of work and develop a specialism strength. This will be curated and exhibited by the pupils themselves at The Eden project, Cornwall.

Once pupils have developed and found their preferred media/technique, a project theme is given by the exam board, and then a project is cultivated which is 100% of the AS grade.

A2 is about the strengths, interests and preferences of the pupil – a totally personal project. A practical portfolio and supporting documentation is produced by each student.

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