George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Our Student Leadership


Year 11 Head Team

Ichildren in need fundraising resultn year 11 we have a head team, made up of a head boy, head girl and 3 deputies. These students are involved in representing George Salter at events, supporting other students in other leadership roles, being involved with charities and fundraising around the school and being a role model to other students in the school. The team recently raised £1,676 for Children In Need! They are:

  • Shaakriah Khan
  • Jeenesh Patel
  • Alicia Tola
  • Liam Scott
  • Hina Nadim

Year 11 Prefects

In year 11 we also have our prefects. These students are involved in representing George Salter at open evenings, running student led support sessions at lunchtimes to help other students who need support and doing lunchtime duties around the school to improve the school community.

  • Sammie Jay Owen
  • Britney Smalling
  • Ebony Ebanks
  • Aliyah Ahmed
  • Aaminah Kawser
  • Rumbi
  • Karina Jassi
  • Dagmara Grondzik

Year 10 Deputy Prefects

In year 10 we have our deputy prefects. These are students who are working towards being prefects in year 11. They work with the year 11 prefects on all of their duties to learn all about the role.

  • Kirandeep Kaur
  • Manveen Kaur
  • Hayden Boora
  • Basma Mohammed
  • Kyra Holden
  • Arshpreet Kaur
  • Dilesha Patel
  • Amice Holden

Sixth Form Head Team

In sixth form we have a head team of students. These students are involved in coming up with ideas on how to improve life for sixth formers, and also to action these ideas. The students are always involved in charity work and raising money – as part of our Children In Need fundraising they even arranged for male members of staff to have their legs waxed for charity!

Year Group Councils

In each form room across the school we have 2 year group council reps. These representatives get lots of ideas from their fellow students in their form about potential issues they feel are important to address in the academy. They then take these issues to a half termly meeting with other representatives in their year group. Our year group teams are doing a fantastic job of coming up with really good ideas for the academy!

Whole Academy Council

In each year group there are two representatives for the whole year. Following on from their year team meetings they go on to a whole academy council meeting. In this meeting they meet with the head teacher to discuss issues that have been highlighted at the year group councils. The school council have also been involved in consulting on the behaviour policy operating in the academy, as well as the safeguarding referrals system.

Subject Ambassadors

Across the school we have students who act as subject ambassadors. These students support members of staff in departments across the school, support their fellow students and get involved in open evenings and other events advertising subjects around the school. PE ambassadors are even involved in running their extra-curricular programme!


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