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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Parents & Students


Working in strong partnership is very important to every child's learning journey. Parents obviously have the most powerful influence on their child's development and we aim to help parents "belong" and to feel that George Salter Academy is their school too.

parentsParents' Evenings and Academic Evenings*

We encourage you to attend whenever we hold our Parents' Evenings:

  • Wednesday 2nd October 2019, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 7 Parent Evening
  • Wednesday 16th October 2019, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 11 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 23th October 2019, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 12 & 13 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 29th January 2020, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 11 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 5th February 2020, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 8 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 26th February 2020, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 12 & 13 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 6th May 2020, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 9 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 13th May 2020, 5pm - 7.00pm - Year 10 Parents' Evening
  • Wednesday 24th June 2020, 5pm - 7.30pm - Year 7 Parents' Evening

*Academic Evenings are led by Progress Leaders for information or intervention purposes


Communicating with parents/carers

If for whatever reason the Academy needs to close, we will alert parents/carers using the following methods:

In order to receive text messages/SMS from the Academy and pay for trips, school meals etc, parents/carers need to be registered with ParentPay. Click on the tab below to find out how.


Our Behaviour Monitoring system - ClassCharts

Class Charts is an online system which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school day. We believe in working closely with parents and one of the key benefits of using Class Charts is that we are able to securely share your child(s) achievement and behaviour report with you and so keep you up to date in real-time.

For an overview of ClassChart, please view this video:

Each child has a unique access code which the school will issue parents.

Once you have been issued with a code you will need to create an account and enter the code here:

If you have more than one child in the school then you can enter additional codes once you have created an account and are logged in.

For more help logging in as a parent, please view the video on the ChassChart Parent login support page

Note: Links to mobile phone apps are also available to parents from the ClassCharts page after you logged in.

For any problems and qestions regarding ClassChart, please go to the dedicated ClassChart Feedback & Support page

Our Messaging and Online Payment system - ParentPay

George Salter Academy is using ParentPay, a service used by over 5,000 schools, nurseries and children’s clubs to communicate and collect payments from millions of parents.

ParentPay is beneficial to you, because we can send messages directly to parents and other carers at the same time, you can make online payments to the academy for dinners, trips, uniform etc. and give permission for events or trips online without having to sign and return forms to us.

To register, please click on the icon or any of the links below.

ParantPay2 logo


Help & Support

Frequently asked questions

What are the main benefits of a cashless catering system?

  • Convenient way of paying for school meals.
  • Discourages the misuse of school dinner money through spending in shops outside of the school grounds.
  • Alleviates many of the associated problems with the use of cash in schools, i.e loss, theft, bullying
  • Queuing times are reduced through increased speed of service
  • Automatic free school meal allocation with the student remaining anonymous.

What is a biometric cashless system?

At the heart of the biometric cashless system is a software program which recognises each individual customer, holds individual cash balances and records expenditure and cash received. It also records where and when money is spent and on what food.

How are students and staff recognised by the system?

All students and staff will be registered by biometric measurement and photograph. The biometric measurement takes a part image of some of the coordinates of the fingerprint. This information is then converted, encrypted and stored as a unique number. This data cannot be converted back into any image of a fingerprint, nor can it be used by any other source for identification purposes.

What data is held on the system?

Certain data is held on the system to enable accurate operation. This includes the student’s name. tutor group, photo, account balance, meal entitlement and the biometric number. Other than the biometric number, this data is already held on the Academy’s administrative systems. All the data is handled under General Data Protection Regulation guidelines. The data is only used for the purposes of the cashless catering system and will be destroyed when the data is no longer relevant (such as when a student leaves the Academy).

How is the biometric system utilised to obtain food?

An individual places a thumb/finger on the biometric scanner at a till. This will activate an individual’s account which will be displayed on screen for the catering operator, including name and current balance. The till operator will then enter the selected food and drink into the system from an itemised keyboard, while the amount spent and the new balance will show on the display.

How is money entered onto the system?

  1. By using ParentPay
  2. By cash at a remote payment station (revaluation machine)

If we pay for a set number of school meals, can it be spent in one day?

No. A daily spend amount of £5.00 is set, which can be spent across break time and/or lunch.

What about students entitled to free school meals?

The system works in exactly the same way for all students. The amount allocated for the free school meal is entered into the system daily and will only be accessible at lunch time. The system will then allow on a daily basis the required cash amount for each individual student to be allotted to their current cash balance. However, any underspend or missed dinner will be identified by the system and will not be added to the next day’s balance.

The student can also add cash to their balance to enable a greater daily spend. Any additional cash can be used for break time snacks as well as lunch time meals.

When can I log into my ParentPay account?

Once you have received the link from the school to register your child you will receive logon details to activate your account and be able to start making payments.

What can I use Parentmail to pay for?

  • School Meals
  • School Trips
  • Uniform
  • Ties
  • Music Lessons
  • School Planners
  • School Prom

How do I sign up to ParentPay?

Initially when we process the Admission Form for a student we will text or email a link to register your child. If you do not register straight away and wish to register afterwards, then you can just contact the school for us to send you the link.

When will my child’s account be credited?

Please allow up to 24 hours for payments to be credited to your child’s account


Our Online Assessment, Recording and Reporting system - Go 4 Schools

George Salter Academy is using Go 4 Schools as our new online Assessment, Recording & Reporting real time system. Parents are able to view their child's progress in all subjects and have access to their reports online as soon as they are released by the Academy throughout the year.

Go 4 Schools logo
  • Student's timetable
  • Detailed Progress
  • Whole School Attendance
  • Reports
  • Key Grades Achieved   


Help & Support

To access Go 4 Schools and request a password, click on the link: Accessing and Requesting a Go 4 Schools password

For any further support in accessing Go 4 Schools or to request a paper copy of the most recent report, please contact the Academy on: 0121 553 4665 (ext 289)

Our Learning and Revision resource - GCSEPod

Help your child reach their potential whilst building their confidence across a range of subjects. Use GCSEPod to learn a new topic together or help them identify their weakest areas and fill their knowledge gaps.


Download our guides:


Or watch the videos on the GCSEPod website:


Extreme Weather Closure

If for whatever reason the Academy needs to close, we will alert parents/carers using the following methods:




Please see below for links to the academy's extreme weather closure procedures and adverse weather policy:



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