George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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The Houses


The pastoral system at George Salter Academy comprises of four houses, each with their own special identity: Crescent, Loxdale, Trinity and Royal.

Each House has:

  • a member of the Senior Leadership Team
  • a Head of House
  • a non-teaching Pastoral Manager, whose main role is to ensure the wellbeing of students in their House
  • 13 form tutors

Staff and students work hard to embed the ethos "Every child matters" into everything that they do.

We value every student equally, and strive to ensure that each one has access to experiences which will enhance their development as lifelong learners and encourage them to become positive members of society

We are hugely proud of our students, who come from 36 different countries. We see this as a real strength in our Academy as it fosters an attitude of tolerance and understanding.

As a result, Ofsted agreed with our students' description of the Academy: "One world in one school".

Crescent House

Crescent House is made up of nine departments who teach across all key stages: ICT, Business Studies, History, Geography, Law, Psychology, Accounts, Travel & Tourism and Religious Education.

Rowley House Pupils will be encouraged to realise the that as members of Crescent house, the school, local and global communities, they share responsibility for their immediate environment and the wider world.

It is our wish that every individual, on leaving George Salter Academy, shall have happy memories of his or her time here in Crescent house and will feel well equipped with the qualities and skills necessary to meet the challenges ahead.


A student's eye view

"My favourite technology-based thing is cooking because we get to be inventive and make really delicious foods.

So far, my favourite experiences in school would have to be:

  • Going to France for a day when we went to all different types of factories
  • When I went to Italy for a few days we played football, we spent lots of time with the staff and we got to see how fun they actually were
  • And finally everything I believe has been a good experience - in my eyes anyway

Crescent newsletterAfter I leave school I am going on to college the university then in time I'll study Law even further and one day become a lawyer, barrister then eventually a judge."

Bethany, 13


Download the latest Crescent Newsletter [pdf, 123 KB]



Head of House: Mrs Field

Pastoral Manager: Mrs Cotton

Phone number: 0121 553 4665 ext 235



Loxdale House

Loxdale House is made up of the Art, Design, Technology and Maths Departments. We have a whole team of dedicated staff including 15 tutors across 13 tutor groups as well as a Head of House and Pastoral Manager.

Brunswick HouseLoxdale prides itself on helping to create independent, confident and caring students by maintaining a strong house ethos. At the centre of this, Loxdale helps pupils to become prepared and ready for work, to maintain a positive ‘can do’ attitude and most importantly, to be respectful and caring to all students and staff in our school family and community.

Pupils have many opportunities at George Salter Academy and we embrace all of these in Loxdale House. We have students who regularly engage in sports teams, sports clubs and activities, after school clubs, subject interventions, the performing arts and other such opportunities. We also encourage students to support school and house based charity appeals and many students have developed their leadership skills by leading fundraising events and activities.

We are hugely proud of our students and we celebrate their successes in House assemblies every week and through the use of our school reward system.

A student's eye view

Students enjoy being part of Loxdale House and our school environment. As one student commented:

"It is nice to be a part of a house and school where the teachers really care about us and give us support when we need it. Staff work hard to make our lessons fun but also to help us when we need extra support."



Head of House: Mrs Fasham/Mrs Jadayel

Pastoral Manager: Mrs Cook

Phone number: 0121 553 4665 ext 239



Trinity House

Trinity House is made up of the English and Modern Foreign Languages Departments whose staff form our team of 20 dedicated form tutors across 12 tutor groups. Trinity is also led by a Pastoral Manager and Head of House.

Kenrick HouseTrinity prides itself on being a family; caring and supporting of each other, taking time out to also care for others. This is central to our House ethos which is reflected in the many fundraising events that takes place throughout the year for a variety of House charities. Trinity staff are proud to say that they are always there to lend a sympathetic ear and helping hand.

There are many, many opportunities to be had here at George Salter Academy for all students. Trinity students embrace these opportunities wholeheartedly whether it be in the field of performing arts, art, academia or sport. Trinity have a long tradition of sporting achievement, having won Sport’s Day and numerous other sporting interhouse competitions throughout the past year.

In Trinity, we truly believe in the adage "you have to be in it to win it". This is reflected in Trinity’s superb student attendance winning the Attendance trophy 3 years in a row. We have also won the accolade this year of most improved punctuality.

We have high expectations of our students here in Trinity and we are extremely proud of our students whose successes we celebrate in our weekly assemblies, and in the various Rewards Evenings calendared throughout the year.

All the staff here in Trinity, hope that we have played our part in producing independent, confident, caring and well rounded individuals who have the tools and are well equipped to go out into the world and make a success of anything they choose to do with their lives.

A student's eye view

"My favourite thing about studying here are all the subjects and the time I spent with my friends and teachers. My favourite subjects are PE, Drama, Science, ICT and English because I get to learn more new skills and its great working with different teachers.

The best thing about my House is the support we get from our teachers and we work as a team. That's what inspires me most about studying here - the support from my teachers and friends.

After leaving school I will go to college and study Travel & Tourism and become a flight attendant."

Andrew, 14



Head of House: Mrs Bibb

Pastoral Manager: Mrs Webb

Phone number: 0121 553 4665 ext 244



Royal House

We are now in very exciting times at George Salter Academy, as we launch the new House System. This amazing opportunity will allow staff, parents and students to develop a House with a positive ethos of achievement and respect by working together and caring for each other.

Royal House will be fun and friendly and will celebrate the achievements of every individual. We are proud of the innovative and caring nature of the form tutors we have, who belong to two of the most successful departments within the Academy: Science and Performing Arts.

Farley HouseAs we do throughout the Academy, each member of Royal will work hard to ensure that every child achieves.

The opinions and ideas of our students are always valued and they, like us, are always looking to improve our "Royal Family".

Future Events:

  • Royal Week
  • Fundraising for various charities
  • A successful House Council
  • Students to desing our new Logo and Mascot

A student's eye view

"The best thing about my House is that all the teachers are supportive. This helps our House to be the best is can be to win House Point Shields and other awards. I enjoy all of my lessons because all my teachers are helpful and enthusiastic.

My favourite part of the school day is lunchtime as the canteen serves such a good variety of food every day. I also get to play football at lunch and after school on Thursdays.

I hope to go to stay at this school in sixth form because the facilities at this chool are great and you can come in on Saturdays too."

Jamelia, 13



Head of House: Mrs Hollinshead

Pastoral Manager: Mr Tomlinson

Phone number: 0121 553 4665 ext 229




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