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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Our Extra-curricular Clubs


follow us on instagramAt George Salter Academy we know that every child is different and therefore has different interests and hobbies. Which is why we are launching a whole school extra curricular programme to introduce new clubs and develop skills in these areas! We have made a guide to GSA clubs so everybody knows exactly what is happening and how they can get involved!

Why get involved?

Study Support- ArtWe think that students should get involved in clubs for numerous reasons:

  • Finding a subject they love and can't get enough of
  • Learning new skills or developing existing ones
  • Meeting new friends
  • Showing off to the school how good they are
  • Winning prizes for taking part

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

At George Salter we offer students from KS4 and KS5 the oppor-tunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, the world’s leading youth development programme. The scheme is offered at three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each of these levels require participants to undertake a commitment to three sections: Volunteering, Skills and Physical. In this booklet you will find activities that are able to count towards each of these sections, helping you to complete all of your DofE Award in the academy. extracureicular newsletter linkThe final section participants are required to complete is Expedition, which will have you planning and undertaking an expedition to explore one of the UKs Areas of Natural Beauty.



Here is our latest Extracurricular Newsletter (December 2017)[pdf, 1.7 MB]


Extra-curricular Clubs 2018-2019


Club Time Years
Chicane Dance Company 3-4:30pm Invite only
Year 7 Art Textiles 3-4pm 7
KS3 Doodle Club 3-4pm 7 and 8
KS3 Drama Club 3-4pm 7 and 8
Philosophy and Ethics Debating Club 3-4pm 7 and 8
Year 8 Football 3-4pm 8
KS4 Doodle Club 3-4pm 9 and 10
Year 10 Football 3-4pm 10
Photography Club 3-4pm 10 and 11
Boys Basketball 3-4pm All years
Growing Together 3-4pm All years
Gymnastics 3-4pm All years
Maths Club 3-4pm All years
Orchestra 3-4pm All years
Sister Act - Acting 3-5pm All years
Street Fusion 3-4:15pm All years
Charge Dance Company 3-4pm Invite only (Post 16)
Homework Club 3-4pm 7
Year 7 Netball 3-4pm 7
Buz-It 3-4pm 7 and 8
KS3 Geography Society 3-4pm 7 and 8
U14 Netball 3-4pm 8 and 9
Show Racism The Red Card 3-4pm 10
U16 Netball 3-4pm 10 and 11
Badminton 3-4:30pm All years
Baking Club 3-4:30pm All years
Growing together 3-4pm All years
Hockey 3-4pm All years
LAMDA 3-4pm All years
Sister Act - Dance 3-4:30pm All years
Sister Act - Singing 3-4pm All years
Sixth Form Basketball 2-3pm 11 and Sixth Form
Sixth Form Football 2-3pm 11 and Sixth Form
Albion Foundation 2-3pm All years
Music Tech Lab 1:30-2:30pm All years
Year 7 Football 3-4pm 7
Art and Craft Club 3-4pm 7 and 8
Science Club 3-4pm 7,8 and 9
Year 9 Football 3-4pm 9
Chorus Variety Company 3-4:15pm All years
Girls Basketball 3-4pm All years
Girls Football 3-4pm All years
Homework Club 3-4pm All years
Horrible Histories 3-4pm All years
Rock & Pop 3-4pm All years
Sister Act - Acting 3-5pm All years
STEM 3-4pm All years
Trampolining 3-4pm All years
Maths in Motion 3-4pm 7,8 and 9
GCSE/Post 16 Drop In 3-4pm 10,11,12 and 13
Friday Fun 3-4pm All years
Homework Club 3-4pm All years
Sister Act - Singing 3-4:30pm All years
World Cinema Club 3-4pm All years
Extra-curricular Clubs


Click here to download the Extra-curricular Clubs [pdf, 768 KB]



Lunchtime Clubs 2018 - 2019


Club Time Years
Choir 12:40-13:20 7 and 8
Badminton 12:40-13:20 All Years
Well Being Book Club 12:40-13:20 All Years
Basketball 12:40-13:20 7 and 8
Ballet Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Board Games Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Guitar Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Keyboard Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Jazz Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Vocal Harmony Group 12:40-13:20 Invite only
Boys into Dance 12:40-13:20 Boys only
Basketball 12:40-13:20 All years
Lego Education 12:40-13:20 All years
Craft Club 12:40-13:20 All years
Dodgeball 12:40-13:20 All years
Drum Group 12:40-13:20 All years
Lunchtime Clubs


Click here to download the Lunchtime Clubs [pdf, 499 KB]



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