George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Managing Pupil's Behaviour


The table below outlines how pupil's behaviour is managed by the Academy.


Level 1
· Incorrect Uniform
· No School Bag
· No Planner
· Insufficient Equipment
· Late to form period/lesson
· Eating/drinking in Class
Loss of 5 Reward Points Class teacher actions
· Verbal warning
· Detention (break/lunch)
· Letter home
· Meeting with parent/guardian if persistent
Level 2
· Persistently engaging in Level 1 behaviours
· Classwork/homework not completed
· Disturbing the learning of others
· Refusal to follow instructions
· Poor attitude to learning
· Silly Behaviour
· Inappropriate language
· Using ICT equipment inappropriately
· Using a portable media device inappropriately
· Silly corridor behaviour
· Truancy
Loss of 15 Reward Points Class Teacher Actions/Head of Department actions
· Detention (after school)
· Time out
· Moved seat
· Subject/House report - Letter home
· Use of Red Card if appropriate
· Refer to Head of Department if persistent
· Meeting with parent/guardian
Level 3
· Persistently engaging in Level 1-2 behaviours
· Possession of inappropriate ICT material
· Vandalism: minor
· Invading personal space student/staff
· Smoking
· Anti-social corridor behaviour
· Inappropriate behaviour on an Academy trip/representing the Academy
· Chewing gum
· Theft: minor
Loss of 25 Reward Points Pastoral Manager/Head of House actions
· 3 or 5 day House Reflection(break/lunch/3-4p.m.)
· Banned from Academy trip
· Parents/Guardians informed
· House Report
Level 4
· Persistently engaging in Level 1-3 behaviours
· Bullying
· Fighting
· Extortion
· Verbal abuse of staff/other students
· Confrontational behaviour
· Posting offensive material on social media
· Any discriminatory behaviour
· Criminal damage
· Vandalism: major
· Intimidating behaviour
· Theft: major
Loss of 50 Reward Points Pastoral Manager/Head of House
· 3 or 5 day Isolation placement
· Meeting with parents/guardians
· Meeting with Community Police
· COI Report—2 weeks
Level 5
· Persistently engaging in Level 1-4 behaviours
· Endangering health and safety of staff/students/community
· Extortion with violence
· Group violence
· Assault
· Inappropriate behaviour in isolation
· Possession/consumption of alcohol/illegal substances
Loss of 100 Reward Points Assistant Principal/ Vice Principal, Children’s services actions
· 3 Day Fixed Term Exclusion
· Meeting with parent/guardian
· Meeting with Community Police
· PSP implemented
Level 6
· Persistently engaging in Level 2-5 behaviours
· Possession/use of an offensive weapon
· Inciting/aiding and abetting others to bring an offensive weapon into the Academy
· Possession of illegal substance with intent to supply
· Excessive/sustained acts of aggression
· Persistently endangering the health and safety of staff/students/community
· Inciting severe religious/racial/discriminatory hatred
· Arson
· Sustained emotional/physical bullying
· Inappropriate sexual behaviour
· Continued persistent refusal to adhere to academy code of conduct
· Serious "one off" incident that may include any one of the above behaviours
Loss of 200 Reward Points Assistant Principal/ Vice Principal/ Principal actions
· 5 Day Fixed Term Exclusion
· Referral to appropriate outside agencies
· Meeting with parent/guardian
· Referral to Community Police
· PSP implemented
· Engaging in these behaviours may lead to PERMANENT EXCLUSION
Managing Pupil's Behaviour


Our Policies:

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