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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Attendance and Punctuality


Government statistics show there is an almost perfect link between those students with the highest attendance rates and those who achieve the best results. Every 5% of school a student misses each year equates to two school weeks so a child with 85% attendance will miss half a term of school in a year. It is therefore vital that we work with you to maximise attendance.

Our aim is for the Academy to have an attendance rate of more than 95%. It is the expectation of the school that all students will achieve at least 95% attendance.

Up until the end of year 11 education is compulsory and we are introducing a new monitoring system to boost attendance – The Wise UP Scheme.

The Wise Up Scheme

Each student will know their attendance percentage for the Autumn term and will keep a weekly record of their attendance in their planner. The aim is to maximise the number of students in the gold category and to motivate students to move up a wise up level. Each term parents will receive a wise-up colour coded letter showing the attendance for the term and the progress made from previous terms.

The details of the categories are shown overleaf. There will be rewards for those with good and improving attendance but the school will work with the authorities to take action where attendance is not good enough.

Currently any student achieving 100% attendance for a term receives a 5% subsidy for the end of year rewards trip. Almost 300 students achieved this in the Autumn term.

From the Spring term any student in the Gold wise-up category will receive the 5% subsidy for the rewards trip. Any student moving up a wise-up category will receive a 5% subsidy.


Category How wise is your attendance? What will happen
Gold Your child’s attendance is above 97%. (Having less than 6 days absence in the year) 
They are ‘WISED UP’ on attendance. 
As well as being an excellent attendee they will almost certainly achieve the best grades for their ability and have real opportunity in further education or the world of work 
Gold praise letter home to parents. 5% subsidy per term for end of year rewards trip.
 Silver Your child’s attendance is 95% plus. (Having less than two weeks absence in the year)
They are likely to achieve their grades that will give them real opportunities to continue their studies or in the world of work.
Silver target letter home to parents
Bronze Your child’s attendance is 90 - 95%.
They will be missing up to 20 days each school year.  A full month lost. This will make it difficult for them to achieve their best.
Bronze target letter home to parents
Red Your child’s attendance is between 86-90%. They are missing up to 40 days in the school year.
They are missing so much time from school that it will be difficult for them to keep in touch with lessons or work
You will receive a red target letter home to parents. Meetings will be arranged for parents with school.
Wise-up Your child’s attendance is below 85%.
You need to 'WISE UP and TAKE ACTION NOW!'
They are missing so much time from school that it will be almost impossible for them to keep in touch with lessons or work!
Absences will not be authorised without a medical note. The Local Authority will be informed. In some cases the Education Welfare Service will start formal action against parents.  This could result in a 3 month jail sentence and a £2,500 fine.
The Wise Up table


If your son/daughter is unable to attend the Academy, please telephone the Academy on 01215534665 as early as possible on the first day of absence, and ask for the Attendance Officer or select the correct Student Welfare Manager from the automated menu. Please call in every day your child is absent.
Please note that if we do not hear from you on each day of absence, you will automatically receive a text message from the Academy.
Absence from the Academy can only be authorised for the following reasons:

  • illness
  • medical or dental appointments
  • religious observance
  • bereavement of close family

Unacceptable attendance will be investigated by our Attendance and Welfare Officer, which could lead to a 15 day notification which could lead to prosecution.

Authorised Pass

If students need to be out of the Academy during lesson time, we must have a written request from families; students will then be issued with an authorised pass.

It is advised that all medical appointments take place before or after school, where it is possible. Please ensure your child attends as much of the school day as possible, this may mean returning to school after the appointment.

Holidays in term time

The government have recently passed new legislation regarding students missing school to go on holiday. The new regulations mean that from 1st September 2013, Headteachers may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances do not include family holidays, visiting relatives or friends, spectating at sporting or other events, looking after family members who are unwell, babysitting younger family members, birthdays or shopping.

If you choose to take your child out of school during term time without leave of absence being granted, then it will be recorded as an unauthorised absence.

Parents who fail to ensure their child’s regular attendance can be fined £60 (per parent, per child.) If the payment is not made within 21 days this increases to £120.

A Leave of Absence form should be completed following a meeting with your child’s Pastoral Manager / Head of House and returned to the Principal at least two weeks before the proposed absence.



  • Students are expected to be in their tutor room before the 8.40am bell
  • On assembly days, students must be in the theatre by 8.40am, ready for the assembly to start at 8.40am
  • If students arrive after 8.40am, they will undertake a 20 min detention at lunchtime
  • If students arrive after 9am, they will do a 1 hour detention after school
  • If students are late 3 times in a week, they will do a 1 hour detention after school on a Friday

Our Policies:


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