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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Principal's Blog

Friday, 07.12.2018

Great news! As some of you may have noticed, or indeed, been told by the students, we have builders on site erecting a temporary fence ahead of the start of our building work.

Soon after Christmas the ground works will begin and slowly but surely the school site will take on a new look. A brand new ten-classroom block will hopefully be ready for September 2019 when we welcome an extra fifty students in Year 7.

The new block will provide high quality 21st century classrooms for Art, Humanities and MFL, whilst elsewhere there will be a redevelopment of Food, Product Design and PE facilities. Our students deserve the very best and I am confident that this work will continue to improve our fabulous site. A lot of time has been spent planning the new build and refurbishment in order to provide a bespoke solution to our needs.

Rest assured, over a series of meetings to date we have made contractors aware of school day timings, extra-curricular activities and lots more; I am sure that any disruption will be minimal during the period of the build.

Last week I was invited to accompany the performing arts visit to see Pinocchio at the Old Rep. This was a wonderful opportunity, funded by our Trust partners OAT, to see a first rate production. I was so impressed by the response of our students, of whom there were over one hundred from various year groups, who really got into the show and led the rhythmic clapping in all songs!

On Thursday evening, I was enthralled by the quality and beauty of the performances at our Dance Showcase. What a pool of talent we have at GSA, which, when combined with dedication and hard work, really does create something special! Well done to all who took part.

At the Dance Showcase I referred to the need for us all in education to support, not cut, provision for the Arts. As the story goes, when the Cabinet were discussing the budget tightening needed to fight the war effort Churchill was asked his opinion on the possibility of cutting the funding for the Arts. His response, “what do you think we fought the war for?” says it all. In short, we fail to support our young people in their creative pursuits at our peril.

"Onwards and upwards!"

Download the Salter Gazette Newletter no 3 [pdf 1.5 MB]


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