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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Principal's Blog

Friday, 25.05.2018

What a thoroughly enjoyable and busy half term!

I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the academy, the staff, the community and most of all the fabulous young people. There have been many highs to celebrate- from the Year 11 students who won the Show Racism the Red Card national award to Chicane dance troupe who won the regional U Dance competition and now move on to the national finals in July!

Prior to taking up the headship I did meet with some of the students who told me that they wanted a visible headteacher and I have certainly tried to be just that. This week I was enthralled by Year 7 students discussing exothermic reactions and Year 10 students tackling neutrons, electrons and protons as part of their work on atomic structures in Science. In Music I spent time with older students who were using keyboards and software to create stunning compositions. During my walkthrough of Drama, I saw Year 7 students who were committed to and showing really high levels of resilience and confidence in rehearsing their sketches. As a snapshot of the learning across the academy these moments are quite simply golden.

Of course, school is not just about what goes on in the classroom and I was delighted to chair the ‘GSA does Question Time’ Head Boy and Head Girl debate this morning. It is so important that we take our role in developing active citizens seriously and for me that certainly means understanding that we live in a democracy. At the start of the debate I made students aware that throughout history many people had died campaigning for the vote, referencing the suffragettes and suffragist struggles in particular. Of course last century, some may argue so far this century, we have been made aware what happens if voters are not presented with or fully understand all the issues; we must remember, for instance, that Hitler was elected. In our debate Hayden, Kirandeep, Ahmed and Amice all performed magnificently in front of their peers. They answered some very tricky questions and did so with confidence. They are right to feel proud of their efforts!

This week we started our GCSE and post 16 examinations in earnest and we all wish the students the very best of luck. I have to say that their preparation for and entry into the exams has been superb! A special thank you to Mrs Nicholson, Mr Browne and Mrs Hickman who are doing such a great job organising the rooms, papers and students.

I am always very keen to hear your thoughts on our academy and would ask you to take part in the Pupil Premium survey which is live on the academy website. If you are a student or parent/carer it is really important that we gather your thoughts on our provision and how we spend Pupil Premium funds. Thank you for the responses to date.

I hope that you have a very enjoyable half term break and look forward to seeing the students on the 4th June.

Onwards and upwards.


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