George Salter Academy, West Bromwich

George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Subjects offered at George Salter Academy:

Choosing your Subjects

Each year new subjects have been added, with 2016/2017 seeing Textiles and Food Science & Nutrition available to students.

Students should make their Post-16 subject choices very carefully. All students should answer these ten questions when making their choices.

  • What subjects are you good at?
  • What subjects do you enjoy?
  • Do you have a good range of subjects?
  • What do you want to do in future?
  • What subjects do you need to get into University or Employment?
  • Are you best at exams or coursework?
  • What do your parents think?
  • What do your teachers think?
  • Are you likely to need to resit GCSE English or Maths?
  • Do your subjects complement each other?

Although most of our students take traditional A-levels, some take BTECs or Applied A-levels. At George Salter, all students are given individual programmes of study which combine academic and vocational subjects.

How do our courses meet the 16-19 programme requirements?

Options are in 5 blocks with a range of over 30 different subjects including A-Level, Applied General and Level 2 courses.

Course No of subjects
Academic 30 subjects
Applied General 15 subjects
Level 2 2 subjects
Post 16 courses


Alongside the academic subjects, Salter Sixth offers a vibrant electives programme on Wednesday afternoons. Students have the opportunity to either participate in the programmes on offer or seek voluntary placements at external organisations.

As part of the electives programmes students can opt into a whole range of activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and various sporting activities as well as a range of catch-up sessions, thus developing students' social skills.

Furthermore, all students will have an additional period allocated on their timetable, normally a double period each week. This usually involves external agencies delivering study skill-focussed sessions, allowing students to prepare for the next phase of education and training through IAG.

Our PSHE programme offers a range of sessions on safeguarding and welfare. This takes place every week with a personal tutor who will be assigned to the students for the duration of the academic year.

A programme of activities is delivered to support students with a range of skills as well as discussing current affairs.

Find out more about our electives and our care and support.


Course Levels

We offer different course levels, to compare the different options, entry level requirements and qualifications gained, please see the diagram below.


Academic Pathway has 8/9 as entry requirement  and studies 3 A Levels leading to 1 AS Level


Combined pathway has 7/8 as entry requirement and studies 3 A Levels leading to 1 vocational qualification


Extended project pathway has 5/6/7 as entry requirement and studies 3 Alevels leading to Extended Project Qualification


Vocational pathway has 4 as entry requirement and studies 3 vocational courses leading to work experience


Retake pathway has 3 and below as entry requirements retakes english or maths leading to 1/2 vocational qualification


Pathway Performing Arts has Entry requirements will be decided on individual basis  can do Drama, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre or all English and maths leading to Combination of A levels and vocational qualification



Key term Meaning Example
Academic This will be where students will study linear A levels alongside an AS qualification. 3 A levels with AS qualification For e.g. Psychology, Biology, Chemistry and Geography as an AS. They will study the 3 A levels for 2 years and the AS for one.
Combined This will be a mixture of academic subjects as well as vocational programmes of study. 3 A levels with a vocational qualification For e.g. History, English Literature, Product design and BTEC Business as a vocational qualification. They will study 3 A levels for 2 years and the BTEC for one year.
Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) - equivalent to half an A Level This will be where students will study 3 A levels for two years, alongside EPQ. EPQ is where students can achieve an AS qualification over a year. This will require students to create a project based on an area of their choice, with 3 A levels of their choice.
Vocational This is where students will study a vocational programme, where it may require students to complete work experience as well as their coursework. Students can complete a double award qualification for some subjects. For e.g. BTEC Business (Single), BTEC Business Double, this will allow students to achieve 2 qualifications in one subject. Students will complete an exam or controlled assessment within the vocational subjects which they must pass.
Explanations of key terms of the Course levels diagram



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