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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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French / Spanish

A Level

Your GCE Modern Language course in either French or Spanish gives you a strong foundation for understanding both language and culture.

You will study the French/Spanish speaking world and the language in depth through a variety of interesting and topical themes.

Exam board/specification

French: AS 7651
Spanish: AQA 7692

Entry requirements

Minimum of a grade B in GCSE French/Spanish and of a grade C in GCSE English Language and GCSE Mathematics

Progression routes from this course

Modern Foreign Language graduates have some of the highest rates of graduate employment.

It is great for any kind of career that involves travel, European politics, engineering journalism, and any international multinational company will always value language skills. Popular careers for people with modern foreign language qualifications include: business careers, engineer, journalist, lawyer, and entrepreneur.

Having a language A Level will help you to stand out in the eyes of any employer, as there are not many sixth forms and colleges who offer languages at A Level, it is a sure fire way to get noticed.

At university you can combine a language with many other subjects including: European Studies, Politics, International Relations, History, Maths, Business Studies, Law and many more.

A2 year 1 French/Spanish Modules/Units

  • Aspects of French/Spanish-speaking society: current trends
    • The changing nature of the family
    • The cyber-society
    • The place of voluntary work
  • Artistic culture
    • A culture proud of its heritage
    • Contemporary francophone/hispanic music
    • Cimema: the 7th art form
  • Grammar
  • Literary texts or film

A2 year 1 French Assessment

  • Paper 1 – Listening, Reading and Writing - 1 hour 45 minutes, 90 marks (45% of AS)
  • Paper 2 – Writing – 1 hour 30 minutes, 50 marks (25% of AS)
  • Paper 3 – Speaking 12-14 minutes, 60 marks (30% of AS)


A2 year 2 Modules/Units

  • Social issues and trends
  • Political and artistic culture
  • Grammar
  • Works: Literary texts or film

A2 year 2 Assessment

  • Paper 1 – Listening Reading and Writing – 2 hours 30 minutes (40% of A-level)
  • Paper 2 – Writing – 2 hours (30% of A- level)
  • Paper 3 – Speaking – 21-23 minutes (30% of A-level)


Exam results 2016 2017 2017
A Level French n/a 50% A*-C 100% A*-C
A Level Spanish 100% A*-C 100% A*-C 100% A*-C
A Level Panjabi n/a 100% A*-C 100% A*-C
Table of Key Stage 5 Language exam results 2016 - 2018



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