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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Art & Design and Photography

A Level (with endorsements that can be taken in Fine Art or Photography)

The AS course is about experimentation and developing your skills and own practice.

AS Practical Workshops, the use of a live brief, supported by a residential experience will be the foundation of the course. This will allow pupils to build and create a suitable body of work and develop a specialism strength. This will be curated and exhibited by the pupils themselves at The Eden project, Cornwall.

Once pupils have developed and found their preferred media/technique, a project theme is given by the exam board, and then a project is cultivated which is 100% of the AS grade.

A2 is about the strengths, interests and preferences of the pupil – a totally personal project. A practical portfolio and supporting documentation is produced by each student.

Exam board/specification

Fine Art: H201, Photography: H203 and Textiles: H204

Entry requirements

  • Grade B in any endorsement preferably within your chosen endorsement or
  • Meeting with the Head of Department to show and discuss your portfolio of work

Progression routes from this course

Foundation course leading to a BA (Hons) degree in anything art-based that links to your chosen endorsement. For example:

  • Fine Art: painting, drawing, sculpture, print-making, ceramics, woods/metals and plastics, illustration etc.
  • Photography: film, animation, games design etc.
  • Textiles: fashion design, illustration, surface pattern etc.
animated gif by Simran

Example project "Photography in Motion!"

The animated gif to the right is a piece by a Year 13 student Simran. The task was about creating narrative without words.

The piece was made by creating a triptych frame in Photoshop and creating a series of multiple image layers which were then converted into animation frames.


AS modules/units

  • Practical workshops – Teacher assessment for each workshop
  • Externally set task (01) – Practical exam

AS assessment

  • Externally Set Task by Exam board – Released January 1st 80 marks
  • Practical exam –10 hour – 100% of total AS grade


A2 modules/units

  • Personal Investigation – A personal project that includes a
    Practical portfolio of work and a related written study.
  • Externally set task (02) – Practical Exam

A2 assessment

  • Personal Investigation (01) – 120 marks – 60% of total A Level. A personal project that includes a Practical portfolio of work and a related written study.
  • Externally set task (02) – Practical Exam – 80 Marks – 40% of total A level


Exam results 2016 2017 2018
AS Fine Art 60% A*-C
100% A*-E
81% A*-C
100% A*-E
44.4% A*-B
77.7% A*-C
88.8% A*-E
A2 Fine Art 100% A*-C 86% A*-C
100% A*-C
66.7% A*-B
75% A*-C
100% A*-E
AS Photography 75% A*-C
100% A-E
100% A*-C
100% A-E
33.3% A*-B
66.7 A*-C
100% A*-E
A2 Photography 85.7% A*-C 100% A*-C 66.7 A*-B
83.3% A*-C
100% A*-E
A2 Textiles 50% A-C
100% A-D
n/a 100% A
Table of art and design exams results 2016 - 2018



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