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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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geographyThe Geography, Travel and Tourism Department at George Salter Academy encompasses a team of experienced teaching staff who deliver both Geography and Travel and Tourism. Geography offers students a fantastic range of learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom, with fieldtrips forming an important part of the subject ethos.

Study Support

The department offers a wide range of opportunities in order for all students to engage actively, to have exciting experiences and fulfil their potential within the subject at all key stages. There are after school homework clubs, Saturday booster sessions as well as extra lessons during school holidays. Geography trip


Mr. J. Pierce (Head of Geography and Travel and Tourism), email:


Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

Geography is compulsory for all students at Key Stage 3. KS3 students have 2 lessons of Geography a week, which shows its importance in a curriculum in which 17% of lessons are dedicated to Humanities subjects. During Key Stage 3 students develop a range of Geographical skills, as well as studying human and physical geography topics, and the interactions between them. Some students will also phantastic placeshave the opportunity to undertake a geographical skills residential.

Year 7

During Year 7, students have the opportunity to develop a range of skills through a varied programme of study, including Map Skills, Fantastic Places, Population, Coasts, Shopping and a local fieldwork study.


  • Black Country Museum

Year 8

volcanoStudents in Year 8 will be able to develop their skills further through the study of topics including Weather and Climate, Volcanoes, Globalisation, Crime, Ecosystems, and further offsite fieldwork opportunities. This will form a strong foundation for those who wish to continue the subject into Key Stage Four.


  • Botanical Gardens

Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11)


tornadoGCSE Geography students currently follow the AQA B specification. We believe the course provides an excellent study experience of the subject and creates a strong foundation for progression to A Level AQA Geography at Key Stage 5. Topics of study include Natural Hazards, Urban Environments, Coastal Environments and Tourism. Students will also undertake a fieldwork study as part of their controlled assessment component of the course, which is worth 25% of their final GCSE Grade.

Travel and Tourism

In Travel and Tourism at Key Stage Four, Year 10 and 11 students follow either the OCR National Award in Travel and Tourism, or the GCSE Award in Leisure and Tourism, depending on their ability banding. At Key Stage 5, students follow the A Level in Applied Travel and Tourism. These courses provide the ideal foundation for those students who wish to pursue Travel and Tourism at degree level or as a career.

Year 9

tourismGeography: In their Year 9 studies, students will focus on the topics of Earthquakes, Megacities, Water Supplies, Ecosystems and Rivers, including a local fieldwork study.

Travel and Tourism: Tourism in the UK – this involves researching different transport routes into and around the UK and investigating tourism in three different locations in the UK. Students plan an itinerary around the UK. Trip opportunities include the Peak District National Park.


Geography: Carding Mill Valley

Travel and Tourism: The Peak District National Park

Year 10

Rio de JaneiroGeography: Natural Hazards, Urban Environments.

Travel and Tourism: Students study what travel and tourism is, finding examples in the UK. They also investigate the importance of excellent customer service. Trips include visits to Stratford-Upon-Avon.


Geography: Castleton

Travel and Tourism: Stratford upon Avon

Year 11

cadburyGeography: Coastal Environments, Tourism. Students will also complete the local fieldwork study component of their course.

Travel and Tourism: Students investigate how Cadbury provides for different customer types and show their own customer service skills in a range of situations. Additionally, they find examples of different promotional techniques and materials and find and comment on the promotional materials through local visits to Cadburys World and the Sea Life Centre. Finally, they develop two pieces of promotional materials and plan the marketing campaign for one of them.


Geography: Prestatyn

Travel and Tourism: Cadbury and Sea Life Centre


GCSE Geography

Exam results 2014 2015 2016
GCSE A*-A: 21%
A*-C: 81%
Expected Progress: 80%
A*-A: 18%
A*-C: 75%
Expected Progress: 74%
A*-A: 43%
A*-C: 82%
Expected Progress: 81%
Table of GCSE Geography exam results 2014 - 2016


GCSE Travel and Tourism

Exam results 2014 2015 2016
GCSE A*-A: 0%
A*-C: 62%
Expected Progress: 77%
A*-A: 60%
A*-C: 100%
Expected Progress: 100%
A*-A: 19%
A*-C: 82%
Expected Progress: 82%
Table of GCSE Travel and Tourism exam results 2014 - 2016

Post 16

a geography studentAt KS5, the Geography Department offers several courses.

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