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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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stem logoSTEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, its initial objective is to create a environment where learning is done in a fun and exciting way developing skills which help students to become more independent thinkers.

The George Salter Academy STEM Club has been running successfully during 2011-12 with a recent increase in attendance over the last term. There are some 15 members that have been with the club from its initial launch and they continue to be a great source of enthusiasm and energy in each meeting plus we have taken on another 15 members over the course of the last academic year.

The Stem club is run by Miss Masih who specialises in the scientific element of the activities, Mr Taylor who specialises in the Design, Technology and Resistant Materials and Mr Sanghera who specialises in the mathematical element of the activities.


Crest Award

crest awards logoIt is a project-based awards scheme for STEM. UCAS endorse CREST Awards for inclusion in students’ personal statements – they’re well regarded, high-quality and a tangible recognition of success. CREST can link into work experience placements, after-schools clubs or numerous linked schemes. Students investigate or design and make, research a subject focused around Stem subject.

The CREST award links the personal passions of students to curriculum-based learning. Raising students' levels of achievement and motivating students of all ages and abilities to work independently and in teams. This helps to bridge the gap between science, maths, technology in the classroom and the 'real world‘. Whilst raising awareness of different careers in Science, Engineering and Technology plus giving the Stem club opportunities for involvement in Regional and National Events.

For example the students got involved with the Formula 1 scheme and competed against other schools involved in the aerodynamics project. They presented their designed vehicle and project to judges and competed in a car race on a track, coming in overall 9th place in the competition. This raised awareness and evaluated improvements and expectations for next year.

Also recently the CREST Awards of the students were assessed on 2nd of July 2012 and all passed with excellent feedback. This was well received because twelve students who achieved their Silver CREST which is normally targeted at KS4 students were from KS3 and three students completed Bronze were from year 7.

The next step for the Stem club is to enroll the students on the Gold CREST for next year which is normally for KS5 students.


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