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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Higher Ability & Talent Subjects


H.A.T.S logoAt George Salter, we support a culture of learning that will enable all learners to succeed.

Students who are gifted academically and, or, talented, are given many opportunities to stretch and extend their learning.

A range of both curriculum and enrichment activities are available for more able students. These include subject-specific study support, residential visits and holiday activities – provided by both Academy teaching staff and external providers. There is also a vast range of opportunities for students to perform and showcase their talent.

Recent experiences have included:

pupils preparing BBC School Report
  • BBC School News Report
  • Debate Mate
  • Aston University
  • OAT Undergraduate Programme
  • Girton University Speakers
  • RAF visit
  • Warwick Unitracks
  • Whole school productions of "Les Misérables" and "Grease"
  • Showcase events in our Talent areas

pupils attending Debate Mate event on Oxford UnionThe enrichment opportunities for more able students are designed to provide each individual year group with a tailored programme of events and experiences. Last year the programme included:

  • Mission: Possible ( Year 7 )
  • Inquisitive Minds ( Year 8 )
  • Debate Mate ( Year 9 )
  • Bright Minds ( Year 10 )
  • OAT Undergraduate Programme ( Year 11 )

These programmes aim to broaden knowledge, develop communication and presentation skills, pupiles performimg Les Miserablesraise aspirations, encourage teamwork and support further education choices.

We are currently looking into other projects such as The Brilliant Club and Black Country Touring.

For students who are admitted to GSA through the Excellence in the Performing Arts Programme, please see the PDF link on the "Our Admissions" page to see the amazing opportunities the students will receive.

Parents will be informed if their child is part of the Higher Ability & Talent cohort. The H.A.T.S team within the Academy will regularly monitor the progress of these students; allowing us to identify and address pupils performing Greaseunderachievement quickly and implement appropriate intervention strategies to ensure all students achieve their potential. Parents may be contacted to aid in intervention and ensure they can support their child if underachievement does occur.

Consultation evenings do occur throughout the year in order for discussions to take place.

We aim to provide classroom teaching that challenges students and provides opportunities to think, to talk, to reason, to ask questions and to solve problems, all to enhance their academic ability and life skills.


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