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George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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NEWS @ George Salter Academy

Monday 21.01.2019

Principal's Blog: Job swap

donating foof for theWest Bromwich Food BankOn Wednesday 16th January I exchanged places with a Year 8 student for the day.  

Some of you will have the rather obvious question "why?" in your heads when you read this. Firstly let me assure that this is no gimmick; I firmly believe that senior leaders should regularly attempt to ascertain the day-to-day experience of young people in their schools in order to inform their planning for further school improvement. 

Every Friday morning, I am lucky ... [continue "Job swap" blog]


Friday 18.01.2019

Parent Carer Forum

GSA LogoParent/Carer Forum will be held on Wednesday 23rd January at 5pm.

We look forward to seeing those parents who give up their time to support the work of GSA and welcome further contributions from any parent/carer who can spare some time to attend. Main item for discussion will be curriculum review. Please email if you plan on attending.



Friday 18.01.2019

Letter to Parents

football development posterThank you for your support with the West Midlands Police Sandwell Schools Knife Arch Initiative yesterday.

As you are aware, the knife arch was placed in our school, for one day only, as part of the programme designed to raise awareness regarding knife crime. Due to the time taken, it was not possible for every student to walk through the arch and so students were randomly asked to join a queue. There was no profiling or selecting of students and although we had planned for every student go through the arch, it was not possible on the day ... [continue "Letter" story]


Tuesday 15.01.2018

Junior NBA basketball tournament

Portland Raiders logoOn 8th January 2019, 12 year 7 pupils went to compete in a Junior NBA basketball tournament at Highfields School.

Each school in the league is given an NBA team name with George Salter pupils were representing Portland Raiders of the NBA American Basketball team.

The day was really tremendous with all pupils giving everything they had to try and achieve the NBA trophy and move onto the next stage. With another 5 schools also competing it was a challenging morning for them ... [continue "Basketball" story]


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