George Salter Academy

George Salter Academy in West Bromwich, Sandwell, is a mixed comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year olds.

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Meet our Senior Leadership Team



Name Role & Responsibilities
Pank Patel Pank Patel Principal
David FoskettDavid Foskett Vice Principal
Curriculum/Timetable/Staffing; Options KS4; Standards/Outcomes/Target setting; Tracking & Intervention; Study Support, incl. Ed. Visits; ARR overview; SLT Links; Staff absence and cover
Richard ReeveRichard Reeve Vice Principal
Student Welfare, incl. behaviour and attendance; Admissions overview; Pupil Premium Overview; Home-School Liaison
Chantelle ClarkChantelle Delany Assistant Principal
(currently on Maternity Leave)
Chantelle ClarkTina Dale Assistant Principal
Safeguarding & Child Protection
Mike CadwalladerMike Cadwallader Assistant Principal
KS2/3 Transition & Primary Liaison; Year 7/8 Outcomes; Year 7 Catch up; Flexi Learning; Literacy development; KS3 development; Flexi Learning Days; Academy Calendar; Admissions and Recruitment; Setting and Banding; Options KS3&4; Pupil premium; E – Learning; Designated LAC
Bill ElgarBill Elgar Assistant Principal
Student Welfare & Discipline; PSHE Co-ordinator; Attendance & Punctuality; Behaviour & School rules; Student/Parent/Carer Voice; Sleuth analysis
Joanne HalfordJoanne Halford Assistant Principal
Teaching & Learning, inc. TALIT; CPD delivery; Good to Outstanding programme; Solidly Good programme
Helen JonesHelen Jones Assistant Principal
Performance Management; CPD (Departments); Duties; SCITT; Talented students; Staff Development – Teaching Leaders; Middle Leader Programme
Amrit SidhuAmrit Sidhu
Assistant Principal
Assessment, Recording and Reporting; Tracking and assessment using G4S and SISRA; KS4 Exams
Harbhajan BhorjeeHarbhajan Bhorjee Extended Leadership Team
Maths QA; STEM; Numeracy; Parents Evenings; Exams
Josie ClarkeJosie Clarke Extended Leadership Team
NQTs; Trainees
Anne Maher-WrightAnne Maher-Wright
HR Director
Personnel overview; Support Staff PM
Chris CrozierChris Crozier
Health & Safety Officer
Health & Safety inc. trips & fire; Support Staff
Our Senior Leadership Team 2017


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